About Us

Feet First began March 27, 2006 at Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church on Ridge Road in Sellersville, PA with the purpose of providing a consistent message of hope and recovery through God-Reliance and service to others as the result of practicing the principles contained within the 12 Steps. The group experienced rapid growth and moved to our present home at the West Swamp Mennonite Church in Quakertown, PA, May 7, 2007.

In December of 2008, we began recording our speakers as many AA members have found it helpful to listen to recordings of inspirational talks given by fellow travelers on the road of Happy Destiny.

This website has been started as a means of making these recordings available to those who have a desire to recover from alcoholism. In addition to the recordings of our speakers, we will also be making available recordings of selected workshops and conferences which have been collected by group members.